Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coming Soon!!

Hello Everyone!
The owners and Design Team members of the NEW challenge blog
The Pink Elephant
are excited to bring you all the fun we have been planning!
So please hop back over on
Saturday morning at 10am est
for our

p.s. Don't forget!


Allison said...

what a wonderful pink efalump- well done Lori- it would be wonderful if you made it into a download!

Serra55 said...

I'm in! And happy.

I'd like to know how to post the Pink Elephant banner to my blog. I linked to Pink Elephant, but no banner! I don't know html...yet!

Thanks, guys! Beautiful Ella!

Sally B.

MaryNSC said...

O I will have to come and check this blog out.. I LOVES ELEPHANTS too.I have them all over the place..Only ones with there Trunks up tho.:O) Well that is what My Mom always said they Bring good Luck!!
It is so pretty..
Thank You