Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wine Glass Charms

Hi Everyone!!
It's time for another wonderful tutorial from one of the lovely TPE design team members! This week, Ann Cutts is going to show us how to decorate wine glases and make some beautiful matching wine glass charms/markers.

Hi everyone this week is my turn to do our Thursday tutorial. I decided that as summer is on way (hopefully) some pretty decorated wine glasses with their own name markers might be a great idea to get ready for those hot summer days and garden parties.

These were so much fun to make and so easy. I know I have focussed on wine glasses for us grown ups, but this would be just as easy to do on children's tumblers or water bottles and perhaps they could even have a go at doing their own.

All you need is:
Plastic wine glasses - these are available at most supermarkets and are very cheap (my pack of 8 only cost around £1)
Rub ons
Wire in a guage that is sturdy but still thin enough to be flexible.
Circle nestability die cutters or circle punches.

First of all decorate your wine glass with the rub ons of your choice. I decorated the base and just one side of the glass as I wanted to be able to drink from the glass without touching any of the decorated area.

Then make your wine glass name marker. I used the smallest circle and smallest scalloped circle in my nestability set and decorated it with rub ons in the same design as the ones on the wine glass. Then I added name peel offs. Then I added two small holes at the top of the marker. These are needed for the wire to be attached.

Then I cut a length of wire about 3.5 inches long. This needed to be bent into a U shape to be threaded through the marker.

After threading the wire through the holes in the marker I bent the ends over to make tiny hook fasteners.

To complete my wine glass I carefully attached the decorated marker to the stem of the glass. The hook fasteners can be closed up at this stage to make them more secure.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and that it will lead to you looking at all your unused rub ons in a new way. If you do have a go at this please let us know here at the Pink Elephant as it would be great to see what people come up with.
-Ann Cutts, TPE design team


MarikaGabez said...


** Irene ** said...

Wow, Ann what a fab tutorial.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant tut Ann and like you say, a great way to use up rub ons
Ann x

Dawn said...

FABULOUS!! I love that you used rub-ons on the glasses!! Great idea. You could match your cups to your party, so versatile!!

jude said...

Wow Ann ,
Lovely idea i wonder why you choose WINE glasses hummmmmmmm i wonder !!!lol.They are fab and great as you say for kids parties .

LORi said...

Fabulous Tutorial Ann!!! Loved it!!!

Allison said...

lovely project Ann

Anonymous said...

fabulous Tutorial!!! I will be getting my wine glasses out to give this a go...

Max said...

So eay but really effective!
Great idea for parties ... just need some friends to invite LOL!


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Helen Dooley said...

WOW I really think these are beautiful. Really pretty. Nice.