Thursday, November 25, 2010

A New Line of Digis at BLD

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!

I have 1 new digi stamp line with 4 new images for you.
They are called... SPOONFULS by Sheila.
My Mom, Sheila drew them last Spring and then as she says, I Lori-ized them!! LOL!!

It has taken me this long to get them inked and cleaned up, but I wanted to get them ready 
in celebration of my Mom and Daddy's 38th Wedding Anniversary!

I named these little dolls, Spoonfuls because "Spoonful" was my Daddy's little high
school nickname for my Mom!! Silly kids!!

I'd like to introduce...  

They are in the SHOP now HERE!!


Betty Boo! said...

Oh my gosh are those the cutest little things or what! SO happy for you Lori!

Miss you lots and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

These are GORGEOUS! Have a blessed and fabulous Thanksgiving!

Scrappychick said...

Oh, these are just absolutely precious!!

Kimmarie Baker said...

Too cute!

Unknown said...

omg, you're killing me Lori. these are absolutely adorable!!! (my voice is so high that only dogs can hear me!!)

Anita said...

Super cute stuff, Lori! I hope you had a fabulous holiday! :)

Andrea6760 said...

Oh My Gosh, these little ones are so adorable!!I love their big eyes and sweet baby cheeks.

They are keepers! Cant wait to get some of the Spoonfuls!!


Mary Anne said...

Hi Lori;
Thank you so much for your "always" kind words about babybuds. Just look at your oh so sweet little girls, they are just about the cutest little things!!!
It is so nice to have a supporter in our crafting world, so right back atcha!!
Wishing you, your family and your DT family a magical and wonderful Christmas and a propserous 2011.
Mary Anne

Angela said...

they are just darling! so so so cute xxx