Monday, December 20, 2010

Pleated Christmas Tree

I like quirky little decor items, and this little tree fit the bill! This is a simple little tree that would add some "cute" to any mantel!

You'll need:

- patterned paper (12x12)
- Styrofoam cone
- small pot
- a wooden dowel
- pins (the sewing kind)
- border punch
- crimper
- ornament or ribbon
- ruler
- marker

1 - Punch a border on 1 side of a 12" piece of patterned paper, then cut it into a 2 inch strip. You'll need 12 strips, 2 for each pattern.

2 - Take the cone and measure mark in one inch increments. Repeat measuring/marking around the cone a few more times, this will help you keep the paper straight!

3 - Crimp each of the strips.

4 - Pin the top of one of the strips right under the first mark you made at the bottom of the tree. Then pleat/pin the paper as you go. You'll be about an inch short of paper each time you go around, so just piece & pin some into place to complete each row. That's why I said 2 strips of each pattern. As you go up the cone, your pleats will get smaller each time.

To finish, make a little ring of paper to crown the top & stick on a Christmas ornament or a bow or whatever... I was feeling a little goofy, so I used an ornament. Stick a wooden dowel into the bottom of the cone & stake it into a little pot! VoilĂ !

We also have a great post on Christmas tags, so go check that out! Also we'd love for you to play along with our latest challenge - "Winter Wonderland", open until January 9th!!!

Have a Happy Monday!


LORi said...

Super CUTE Arielle!! Guess I need a crimper now!!! Hee hee!! It's a darling tree...thanks for sharing with us!!
Big Hugs- LORI

sherryann (aka Sherry Eckblad) said...

Arielle, this is super cute and now I need to go and find my crimper. I know it is here somewhere.

Shelley Germann said...

Oooh, Arielle, this looks like so much fun! A project I think I could actually complete!

Angela said...

hehe love it!!! now off to find a crimper!!! lol