Monday, June 29, 2015

The Pink Elephant Challenge - TPE305

Happy Monday TPE Friends!!
Welcome to another challenge!
We have a Theme Challenge  
for you this week: 


Creations by


     Thanks so much for joining us! 
  Challenges begin on Mondays at 10 AM EST and
  close on Sundays at 12 EST
  If you upload your card to SCS, PCP or any other gallery please use keyword TPE, but also add a link to it in Inlinkz (please show a photo of your card) so we are sure to see it.  


Beebeebabs said...

Very nice work DT

Bunny said...

Really nice DT cards. Thank you for the challenge.

Annettes Hobby Rosettes said...

To all the wonderfully talented Design Team Members, you are all invited to join in the "World Wide Open Design Team Monthly Challenges" which commenced on 1st July.
Love to see your talent in these challenges which are only open to DT's throughout the World.
Here is the link:

Karen said...

Fabulous creations from the DT!! Smiles.xx

CraftyGirl said...

Such a lovely challenge and such wonderful inspiration! Have a great week. :-)



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