Monday, March 30, 2009

TPE- Challenge #8

Hello All!
It's here...Challenge # 8 at The Pink Elephant.
As you can tell from our banner above it is a Theme Challenge. That means we give you the theme (topic, subject) and then you run with it.
You can create anything you want...card, 12x12/8x8/6x6 Scrap Page Layout, quilt, altered item, painting just to name a few! All we ask, have fun and enjoy creating your project.

This week the theme is:


Here are the Design Team Inspiration Samples:

Lori R.





Robin Willis

Challenges will begin on Mondays and Close Sundays at 12 midnight EST !!
Winning entry (along with two runner up entries) will be announced on Tuesday Evenings.
If you upload your project to SCS please use keyword TPE, but also add a link to it in Mr. Linky so we are sure to see it.

This week our prize is a kit & comes to you from

Looking forward to seeing all your fabulous entries this week!!
Challenges are open to worldwide participants. All projects are, layouts, altered items and any other paper projects. To enter, post a link to your creation in the Mr. Linky box below. For complete instructions on how to enter challenges, there is a tutorial in the FAQs on the sidebar.
**note: If you have any trouble with Mr Linky, please just add your name and direct link in a comment telling us that you are having problems and one of the we will be happy to add your link so you are entered into our challenges.**

1. Gayle Page-Robak
2. Diana
3. Fi
4. Lucille
5. Barb
6. Laura V
7. Nancy Sanders
8. debbie Ebat
9. Jennifer Meyer
10. Jennifer Meyer
11. irene
12. Ann
13. Steph
14. Chrissie
15. Carlyann
16. DawnM
17. Jerusha Borden
18. Sarah
19. WendyP
20. Moni
21. Amanda
22. Amanda
23. kath
24. Susan H
25. Gina Marie
26. Carol Johnston
27. Cath Thompson
28. julie
29. Shaz
30. Shaz (correct link)
31. Helen
32. Sue Shute
33. Lori m
34. Jess
35. piabau
36. Pauline C
37. Karen Valentine
38. Hazel
39. ginny
40. Alison~Tillymint
41. Donna
42. Sue Whyte
43. Roxie W.
44. Angie Easter
45. creatiefblog
46. Terry
47. M.E. Driggs
48. Marika Gabez
49. Nikki
50. Beryl (bik59)
51. Nicc
52. Mickey
53. Kym\'s Crafty Cards
54. Andrea J
55. Cathy Galloway
56. Sheri Gilson
57. teresa kline aka va.sunshine
58. Andrea
59. Kerri
60. Alicia
61. Abby Hallstrom
62. Carisa
63. Suzanne
64. Vickilyn
65. Bekki B.
66. Rita
67. Cher Kosakura
68. Christina
69. Rose-Anne

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Julie said...

Awesome thanks for the new challange cant wait to get started

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Gayle's Art

sarahw said...

Do you guys care if I do a Passover card instead? :)

AUsome mom said...

First timer here. The DT cards are PURE EYE CANDY!! I've linked up my card. Thanks!

Fi said...

Wow DT cards are just beautiful - great challenge.
Thanks for looking.

Alex said...

How totally cute!!! Love the DT projects and I am working on Easter projects right now so I am in! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

The Country Rose said...

What cute cards! I have added mine too!


Swedie said...

Every one of those cards is as cute as can be! Thanks for sharing them all.


Laura VanVleet said...

Keep up the good work, ladies! Love the samples you give us!

Nancy Sanders said...

Love the challenge and the design team members cards this week. Thanks your challenge and for taking a look at my creation!

Here's my card!

Jennifer Meyer said...

Wonderful samples, LOVE them all! You are ALL so talented!! Thanks for the fun challenge, I played along with you...

Hugs & Smiles, Jennifer :)

Steph said...

Fab cards. Love the different styles x

Dawn said...

I linked up my card :) The samples this week are FAB!! Trudi I love the pom poms on the bunny booties :)

Moni said...

Waw gorgeous cards, I entered for the first time! Hugs, Moni

Kath Stewart said...

another great challenge girls....I do so love taking part
Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Susan said...

Love the DT cards. Thanks for the fun challenge!


I have been scoping out the site for a few weeks. I decided to add it to my side bar and now I will participate;)

Carol Johnston said...

Hi guys love this site and love doing your challenges too. I have added my card to the mix as well for this week. Hugs Carol J from New Zealand

shaz earl said...

Great work guys have joined in with you this week.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is my first challenge here at TPE. I just love Elephants so couldnt resist joining!

I have linked my entry
Thanks Helen x

Karen Valentine said...

This is my first challenge...I am looking forward to many more!!

Hazel said...

Smashing array of Easter gorgeousness from the team. I made a few more Easter cards last night and they are on Mr Linky x

Ginny said...

posted mine today on my blog..thanks for the tutorial for the inspiration for this project

Atty said...

Really cute cards ladies. I used this challenge to make a card for my grandson.
Also thanks for the tut on the cute basket.

cr8iveme said...

What a fun challenge.

Nicc79 said...

My first Challenge

scrappyyankee said...

Thanks for another great challenge! Lots of fun.


Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Can't believe it's nearly Easter. What lovely DT cards.

Here is my card for this challenge

Best wishes

Kym xxx

Unknown said...

My first time playing. I love this blog! Lots of fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I've added a new box and new card for the challenge.

:) Lori m

SewSuzySew said...

1st Timer Here!

Hope I'm not too late!

Suze x

Unknown said...

This is my 1st time on you blog. Your site rocks! I just linked my card to your blog. Thanks for hosting such a fun challenge. I can't wait to see what is up for next weeks challenge.

Anonymous said...

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