Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tu-Tu Tutorial - Altered Photo Frame

Hi Girls!!

My name is Lori Boyd.
I am Co-Owner and Design Team Member here at The Pink Elephant. I was so happy to receive so much positive feedback as far as our tutorials are concerned. We enjoy doing them for you and we were over the moon excited to hear you all are enjoying viewing them. You all are the BEST blog viewers ever!!!!

I am super thrilled to bring you my first tutorial for The Pink Elephant.
An Altered Photo Frame.
I have decided to keep it quick, simple and fun!! I am not a big reader, so I tend to lean towards tutorials with more pictures, less words!! So that is how I decided to do this one for you!!
Here we go!! Watch closely if you blink you might miss it!! Hee Hee!

$1 Wooden Photo Frame from Michael's
Stampin' Up! Designer Paper
SU! Paper Snips
Cuttlebug Alpha Dies - Hippie Chick
Floral Embellishments
Tacky Glue
SU! Sanding Blocks

To start...Trace the frame onto the back side of your desired piece of Designer/Scrapbook Paper.

Cut out frame shape. Add adhesive to frame. Adhere paper to frame.

Adhere paper to frame. Next, using your SU! Sanding Block or Sand Paper, Sand the edges until smooth and neat!! I know this seems too simple to be true, but it is just that simple...As now it's time to have fun and embellish!!! You can embellish with any decorative item you choose. For this frame, I chose ribbon, buttons and flowers. Cut my little one's name out, using the Cuttlebug Alpha Die Set Hippie Chick and topped it all off with a simple 4x6 Snapshot of my Sweet Ella!!

Hope you enjoyed my quick, simple and fun little tutorial!! I know there wasn't a lot of explanation so if you have any question please feel free to ask!!
If you all decide to make one or have already made one previously post a picture in the comments, so we can all be inspired!! Woo Hoo, this was fun!!


Annie said...

Okay we need a 'Michaels' in England - the basic frame is just gorgeous BUT what you have turned into is fabulous Lori. Sooooooooooooooo cute!!!
Great tutorial.

Ann xxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

What a fantastic idea, so simple & so effective, thanks for that - off to town now to try & find a cheap photo frame!

Jan x

Ruby said...

I agree with Ann, we need a 'Michaels' over here. I LOVE your frame, it's gorgeous. Thanks for the great tutorial :o)

~*Joni said...

I am a visual girl too, so your tutorial is perfect! Is it really that easy that you just sand it down?!? OMWord, I cannot wait, I have 3 of those frames calling me right now. :D Thanks Lori!

~*Joni said...

(Sorry for the second post girls, but if you don't have a Michaels near you, any dollar store sell similar frames that will work!)

Robin said...

Great tutorial Lori!! The REAL Ella is so adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing this with us this week!!

Beth aka BR-T said...

Thanks for taking the time to inspire us with your altered frame! Ella is beautiful! BR-T

Terri said...

Great job, Lori! Love the frame...and love the adorable pic of my little Princess Ella!! Terri

Just Me said...

OMGOSH THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE!! I have some frames around here too, going to give it a try!! TFS!!

Carol said...

Your Ella is adorable and so is this frame, so simple Lori, but so effective. I have several frames somewhere in the house from my days when i used to make clay pictures! i will have to try this fab idea :)

Carol x

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea! I'm going to have to try this! And your little Ella is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and the little one is adorable, thank you for posting this. I'm a soon to be grandma and this will make such pretty frames.

Love all the designs shared from everyone.

:) Lori m

Dawn said...

Oh Ella is a doll!! I love your frame, I cannot believe how easy it was. I will have to give this a shot. Thanks for a fabulous tut!!

Lorraine A said...

aww, very cute :-) I bought some card frames ages ago, thinking I would do something with em !! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

Twyla said...

This is such a great tutorial. I linked it in a post on my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

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