Thursday, March 25, 2010

Super Scrappy Fun News!!!

Yipppeee and Happy Thursday to all you TPE Lovers!!!

Ok, so they say not to fix it if it isn't broken, but boy do we have 
some super duper, wow Fantastic news to share with you!!

Calling ALL Scrappers!!!

Beginning next Thursday, April 1st 
The Pink Elephant 
will be adding 
Scrapbook Challenges 
(every Thursday) to our challenge line up!!
No this is not an April Fool's Joke...It's all true!!!

Ella will have her Pink Scrapbook (Polka dotted, of course)
and will start scrapbooking with all her Scrappy Friends!!

I have recently ventured into made perfect sense 
I love my little bugs (aka my children), I love taking pictures, I love 
Papers and Oh yeah...all my Card Club girls asked me to start 
doing a Scrap Club, soooo here we go The Pink Elephant is getting Scrappy!!

TPE Scrap Team Coordinator

I am so very happy to announce that our very own  
Betty Roberts 
will be the 
TPE Scrap Team Coordinator. 
 Betty has been apart of the TPE family since early last fall and 
she is a wonderful addition to the team!!
She has one of the kindest, most generous and giving hearts I have ever ran across!!
She is always there to offer support and laughs....yep she is a joker and super funny!!
Always the first to offer a cyber hug accompanied by a 
silly lil' joke or saying (usually one she has made up herself)!!
Her enthusiasm and ready for fun spirit makes her the perfect person to lead the TPE Scrap Team!! 
Betty actually owns her own Scrap Store in the beautiful mountains of California!!
And is very excited to bring you lots and lots of fun scrap challenges!!

I am honored to not only have her managing the Scrap Team, but most of all to call her a Great Friend!!
Thank You Betty for all you do and all you have planned to do!!
Go Betty!!! Go Betty!!!
Big Hugs!!

Please meet the
TPE Scrap Team

Trudi Wilbur
Trudi has been with The Pink Elephant since day, uhhhh...Day Zero!! 
She was actually the original owner and the creator of the Cuttlebug Challenges, beat ya 
didn't know that little bit of craft blog trivia!!  She loves Scrapbooking and is a valuable part of TPE and a super sweet friend!!

 Jenn Koss
Jenn has been a member of the TPE family for several months now!!
She has 2 little cutie pies and is looking forward to getting some scrapping done!!
Jen is also an awesome friend and I can't wait for her to showcase her scrap talent here!!

Lisa Hjulberg
Lisa started out as our March Guest Designer and soon we 
knew she fit so well, that we HAD to keep her!!
She actually used to scrap a lot and is excited about going back to her roots!!
Can't wait to see what those roots look!!!

Krista Vantol
Krista, much like Lisa, started out as a guest designer...uhhh...for April, but I was just too
excited for her to join the the TPE family that we hit the full speed ahead button and she helped
Lisa with the March GD spot and she isn't getting away either!!  Krista is our newest TPE DT 
member and she is just as talented and sweet as the rest of the girls!!
I am on pins and needles to see her Scrap Pages!!

Thank You Girls so much!!

___________Design Team Call________
You have met the TPE Scrap Team!!!  Yipppeeee!!
I am so very very excited....I can't wait to get this show on the road and see what the girls have for us!!
Occasionally, some of the Card team Girls with join in the Scrap Fun and at times some 
of the Scrap Team Girls may join the Card fun...Ahhh...the best of both worlds!!

However, we still need a couple more:
We are looking for 2 more Scrappers to join the Scrap Team, so on Thursday when all the fun 
starts if you are interested in joining the 1st Term of the TPE Scrap Team, please 
put TPE ST beside your name in Mr. Linky.
You can start now by emailing us at:
with Your Name, Your Blog Address, a short paragraph or 2 telling us about yourself 
and 3 Pages or Layouts that demonstrate to us what your creations might look like if you 
were designing for The Pink Elephant!

The Scrappy Team Call will end on  
April 15th
the New DT members will be announced on  
April 22nd.

Can't wait for all the fun!!!

Thank You all for making it so much fun to be apart of The Pink Elephant!!

See you on Thursday!!!


Shelley said...

So excited to hear about the upcoming scrapbook challenge. I've been feeling guilty about letting my scrapbooks gather dust while I make cards so this will act as perfect motivation! Yay!!!

Fern said...

Oh WOW, this is wonderful news to me!!! I have soooo many cards that I went back to sprapbooking about a year ago so I'm super excited about this, Thanks Girls!!!!! May even have to try out for the DT!! lol

Christy said...


fleur said...

Brilliant news, Im new to scrapbooking and look forward to the upcoming challenges :)

Lisa Hjulberg said...

I can't wait to get started!!! And I can't tell you how jazzed I am to be an official TPE girl!!! It's felt like home from the start. As for my roots, only my hairdresser knows for sure!!!

Lisa said...

Now I LOVE this blog even more!!!! This is always my favorite challenge blog and I'm so excited that now you will be doing scrapbook pages too!

Audra said...

wow... what a great opportunity!! love your blog!! :)

Audra said...

wow... what a great opportunity!! love your blog!! :)

Silvia said...

Congratulations to the new members of the design team!

Anonymous said...

:) i hope i didn't miss anyting-did the new layout challenge post yet?
i emailed everyone already and don't know what to do-thanks!


racinggrandma61 said...

OMG how exciting. I have to find my camera....I have to find my camera.....I have to find my camera.....please pray for me to find my camera