Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some TPE News!!

Hi Everyone!!
I hope you are all having a blessed day!!

I have some special news to share with you today!
As some of you may know I have had some health issues this year that has prevented me from doing too much here at The Pink Elephant.  My wonderful friend and teammate, Sheri Gilson hopped in and has been helping behind the scenes for some time now!!
Not only is her work superb and adorable...always neat, clean eye candy...she is also VERY
depenable and organized!

I can't say enough good about Sheri!
I am so thankful and honored to have her as a friend...God truly blessed me with her love and friendship!
I consider her one of my most treasured sister friends!!

That being said...asking Sheri to be a co-owner of TPE made perfect sense!!!
So I asked her.
She said YES!!
Wooo Hooooo!!

Please join me in congratulating the newest owner of The Pink Elephant...SHERi GiLSON!
Thanks so much you sweet friend!!!

Hug & Blessingss-


Debbie said...

What fun news ... congrats girlies!

kayc said...

Congratulations. Kathleen x

June Houck said...

Congrats to both of you!

Faye said...

I've worked with Sheri at Cupcake and she has always been wonderful, so I am delighted to hear this fab news. Congrats to you both. xxx

Star said...


faithnme said...

Congrats to you Sheri.. very Happy for you to Lori.

ThePurplePlace said...

That is wonderful NEWS for Sheri and I think she is a doll!

I also want to be sure to send out prayers and well wishes to you, Lori and hope you'll be feeling much better soon.

In the meantime, I am VERY happy for Sheri and happy to hear that she will now be part owner! Congratulations to you both of the new partnership!!


Sue said...

Congratulations on your new partnership hope your good health returns soon Luv Sue x

Sherry Eckblad said...

Well how exciting is this. So happy for both you and Sheri.

Jenn Borjeson said...

Congrats to Sheri - I am not a bit surprised, she really is a sweetheart. She goes out of her way to leave sweet comments and always answer questions, she's a doll. :) So are you, Lori. You remain in my thoughts & prayers. Sending you a hug.

Karen McAlpine said...

Congrats Sheri! How wonderful to have a be such a cherished friend.

Frances said...

Congratulations, Sheri, very exciting news!! hugs, Frances.

GrannyGoodwitch said...

Thanks for the challenge and for the inspiration.

Audrey Ernst (hippieaud) said...

Congrats Sheri, that is awesome!!