Thursday, February 7, 2013

Project Thursday: Stacked Wood Valentine Blocks

As I was putting together a little Valentines Day Vignette - I had an empty space on the shelf that needed just a little something.

I already had a Bowl of Candy, and some Flowers, and framed Subway Art

... but I needed One thing More ...

These Stacked Wood Blocks worked perfectly, and they were super easy to make.

All you need is:

Scrap Wood
Die Cut Machine and Punches
Tacky blue
Varnish or Mod Podge

I had so much fun - I made another set as well

I think the hardest thing about this project is to get the proportions between the block sizes right.

A little trial and error and I came up with the following dimensions:

You can also download the dimensions here.

I have a bit of a hoarding obsession when it comes to wood scraps - so I just sorted through my bins until I found some small pieces.

I found  some leftover bits of 2 X 4 pieces in this bucket....

Or did I get them from here? 
(the scary thing is - that's just a small selection of my wood scrap collection)

 I used a miter saw to cut my wood pieces to size. 
They can be cut using a hand saw (which could be a little tricky) so you might want to make friends with a neighbor who has some good woodworking tools for this project.

 The pieces of wood I used were pretty beat up - but it doesn't matter.  That just adds to the character.

Once the wood pieces were cut to size - I painted each one a different color.

On one of the block sets I sanded and distressed the edges. 

Then I used my Cricut to cut out various words and shapes from solid cardstock.  I also used some punches for the hearts. 

And added a few button & tie embellishments.

I used tacky glue to adhere the letters and embellishments.  Once the glue was mostly dry, I went over the entire surface with Modge Podge (matte) to completely seal down the edges of the letters.

I love how versatile these blocks can be.  Stacked in sets, or even alone.  While you are cutting your wood pieces - might as well make a few extra for the other holidays as well.

Thanks for reading along...



Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Hugs Tamara

Stacey Schafer said...

fantastic project, Karina!

Sheri Gilson said...

Fabulous project, Karina! Showed Hubby so he could gather supplies so we could give it a try!

Shea said...

OMG, these are FABULOUS!! Thanks so much for the inspiration! (And I'm totally jealous of your wood stash.) :)

LORi said...

The cutest Valentine sweetness I have yet!!! Absolutely adorable Karina!!!

LORi said...

I meant...I have SEEN yet!!!!