Thursday, September 26, 2013

Project Thursday: Homework Station

We have been Back to School for almost 5 weeks now - and this is what our Kitchen Counter usually looks like:

 Truth Is - it looks like this ALL THE TIME!

Home from school = do a little homework = off to Ballet = home for dinner = do a little homework = take a shower = do a little homework.
I decided it was time to Tame the Beast  - and Take Back our kitchen counter.

We now have a Designated Homework Station

Since it's in the middle of the Kitchen - that is open to the Family Room - that is next to the Entry - which can be seen by everyone - all the time - I didn't want it to stand out too much.

I would have loved to put together something with Bright and Fun Colors - but decided it was best to keep it Neutral to blend with the rest of our home decor. 

Everything essential for homework has it's place.

Text Books are covered with Wrapping Paper (I added clear Contact Paper for extra durability).

The books were covered - but not yet labeled - for at least a week, which made for a fun guessing game of  "find the right text book".  

I used Red bordered labels - and my Old Fashioned typewriter - to make the Subject Labels.

 Baskets of all different sizes are used to corral the clutter.  
Each one has it's own hanging tag:

PLUG IT IN (electronic devices and chargers)
TAKE NOTE (note cards and sticky notes)
GO AWAY (erasers and white out) 
KEEP IT TOGETHER (paper clips and glue sticks)
 Cans of different sizes are wrapped with Scrap Book Paper (you could also use the same wrapping paper from the Text Book Covers).

 A peek inside reveals some Fun Bright Colored rubber bands.

 Colored pencils add another splash of  bright.

  Smaller baskets keep little bits in place, and cardboard magazine holders hide notebooks and paper packs.

Another wrapped can holds a supply of sharpened pencils (that will somehow disappear completely within a few weeks).  

The bookcase that holds it all - is right next to the kitchen counter where homework is done. 

I didn't expect that everything would be neat and tidy all the time, and the counter is still filled with books and papers most of the afternoon and evening.  But our Homework Station has kept a lot of the little bits in place and made it much quicker to put things away (for her, and for me). 

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Stacey Schafer said...

great ideas, Karina! Ours is similar, but not as pretty as yours! where did you get your awesome shelving unit? love the mission style!

Allison Cope said...

Awesome! I so need to do wit our homework stuff! Great ideas... TFS!

Melissa Craig said...

WELL done! I love this idea and it looks fabulous.