Thursday, November 21, 2013

Project Thursday: Torn Strip Wreath

This year I decided to do decorate for Fall with a Neutral Palette instead of the traditional colors of orange, red & gold.

Our house is currently filled with all kinds of Cream & White decor (with touches of brown for contrast).

It all starts at the Front Entry.

With two Torn Fabric Strip Wreaths hanging on the Front Doors.

The only materials needed are:

Wire Wreath Frame (I used the 12" size)
Assorted strips of Fabrics to match your decor/theme

I used 7 different fabrics of various textures - all in shades of cream, white and brown

Tear each fabric into strips 
approximately 2"-3" wide 
and 16" long (thicker fabrics may need to be longer)

 Because I wanted our finished wreaths to be Oval - I gently squished the round wire frames into an oval shape.

Begin by tying one of the thicker/more textured fabrics (I used a cream burlap) around the frame and knotting with either a single or double knot (depending on how secure the fabric stays once knotted).

It will take approximately 20 strips of each fabric to cover a 12" wreath.

The second layer of fabric strips was a natural brown color burlap.  

I love the contrast that the brown burlap gives.  I ended up adding a few extra strips of this color.

Third layer was a Osnaburg fabric.  It has a great nubby linen look texture, but is considered a utility fabric (which means it's cheap, less than $4 a yard) 

 By now the wreath is almost completely covered, you can barely see any of the green frame.

Time to start adding the Fun Fashion Fabrics like Lace and a Novelty Newsprint.

Even though all the fabric colors are very similar - the different textures of each makes the wreath so interesting.

The last fabrics I used were pure white - but both were sheer (one organza and one tulle netting).  They added just the right amount of softness and Elegance to this Rustic Wreath.

Once all the fabric are in place, trim any of the tails that are uneven or too long.  

I love this Neutral Look so much - I'm considering keeping it up through the Christmas Season - and adding a little snowy glitter.

I'm not sure I can give up the traditional Red and Green completely, but for now I'm enjoying this soothing color palette in our Neutral Fall Decor. 

Thanks for reading along...



Stacey Schafer said...

so gorgeous, Karina! must try!

Karina said...

Thanks Stacey. I think I will be making more of these. Very fun to see them take shape.

LORi said...

Amazing!!! Amazing!! Brava Karina! You ROCK!!! ♥

Katie Ann Brooks said...

I've been thinking about making one of these so perfect timing, awesome project and thank you!

Nancy said...


Life Full of Sunflowers said...

Beautiful. I am going to try this with Christmas colors