Thursday, January 16, 2014

Project Thursday: Oilcloth Lunch Bag

We are half way through the school year - and my daughters favorite Lunch Bag is in shreds.  Probably because we use it nearly every day.  

It was the perfect size to hold re-usable containers (that don't fit into a paper lunch sack).

It folded flat after lunch so she doesn't have to carry it around all day (there are no lockers at her Middle School).

You Know What That Means 
Time to make a New One  

I have had this Oilcloth Fabric for several years.  I ordered it from an online source back when it was hard to find.  Now many of the big fabric retailers carry tons of cute Oilcloth Fabric designs in stock.

I think the Pink and Green combination was originally planned to make into an Art Splat Mat. 
My daughter is now almost 13 - I don't think she will be needing a splat mat anymore.  She's pretty tidy these days. 

I pulled some coordinating ribbons to use as a tie closure on the top of the bags. 

Most often these Lunch Sacks have velcro tabs keeping them closed.  I found the daily pulling causes stress on the fabric and it's one of the first places to weaken and tear.  

I decided to make our New One using Ribbon ties.

A simple zig-zag stitch secures a length of ribbon to both the front and back of the top of the bag.

Tied up - the ribbons keep the bag and it's lunch contents secure.  

I have also seen clothes pins used - but they are not very practical for a bag that gets smashed into a back pack.  

Big Thanks to my Mum for sewing while I took pictures. 

You can download the full Tutorial for these Oilcloth Lunch Bags here.

As usual - I couldn't stop at just one.  So many fun color combinations to be done.

Thanks for reading along.....


Sheri Gilson said...

What a great project, Karina!! Wish I could sew!!

Sharon said...

Fabulous karina. Such gorgeous material.
Hugs Sharon x