Thursday, March 20, 2014

Project Thursday: Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper is one of my favorite craft supplies when it comes to making Party Decorations.  

It's inexpensive.  Comes in a beautiful array of Colors to match any theme.  Can be turned into Big decorations for a Big impact.

There are lots of tutorials showing how to make Tissue Balls - but I would like to share how to make TISSUE FLOWERS using a similar technique.

They require only a few materials:
Assorted colors of tissue paper, scissors and twine.

The tissues I used all measured 20" X 26".  I have found that the printed tissue tends to be a smaller size which will also work fine - it just results in a smaller finished flower.

 Begin with 4 sheets of light pink tissue.  

Accordion Fold the tissue into approximately 1 1/2" folds.

I use a clothes pin to keep the folded pleats in place.

  Measure in 2" from the end and cut into a scallop shape.  I've marked to show the cut line, but I usually just cut free hand - precision is not needed for this project.  

  Set aside this layer.  The next layer will be for the very center of the flower.

Use 2 sheets of yellow tissue paper - the same 20" X 26" size.  

Fold the tissue in half.  Accordion pleat as before and Cut Off 1" from the folded end (to open up the layers of folded paper and to make the flower center smaller).

  Cut into both ends of the folded yellow center to "fringe".

Now the FUN begins!
Start with 6 layers of dark pink tissue and layer on top the light pink and yellow papers.  Re-fold them all together following the accordion folds previously used (but it's OK if they don't line up exactly).  

Trim both ends into a scallop shape.

Find the middle by folding in half and tie securely with a piece of string or twine.

Open Up the flower fan and begin pulling each layer of tissue towards the middle. 

Continue with each of the layers.  The goal is to separate the tissue papers and create texture and space between them to "fluff" them up.  

Once all the layers are completely "fluffed" towards the middle - you can spread them apart slightly to reveal the beautiful yellow center.

The strings on the back can be used to hang them on the wall.  Add a few green tissue leaves if you like.  
Because they are light weight - you can also use poster tack to attach them to any solid surface.  

Have fun experimenting with different quantities and colors of tissue layer.  

 You can modify the end cuts to be fringe, pointed or inverted V cuts that will completely change the look of your flower.  

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Alycia said...

Wonderful tutorial! I've done the tissue fluffs but not the flowers. Will have to try this. :)

Wendy L said...

I have made these before and yours look so pretty. xxx

Sheri Gilson said...

What a FUN project, Karina! Thank you so much for putting this tutorial together for us!

Mounika Reddy said...

WOW..Great tutorial..Nice way of transformation..

Nance said...

These are sooooo pretty, Karina! Thanks for the tutorial! They are always so inspiring! I may have to make these for a surprise party I'm doing for my Mom!

Sherrie K. said...

Awesome tutorial and beautiful flowers!
Sherrie K