Thursday, June 12, 2014

Project Thursday: Summer Bucket List

School is OUT. 

I love the relaxed pace of Summer, but the time always seems to fly by.  
Before you know it, Summer is over and all those FUN things we wanted to do went Un-Done.

Our solution is to create a Family Summer Bucket List.

We used a simple white 8 X 10 picture frame.

Added a few paper scrapbook flower embellishments (hot glued) to the corner.

And created a Word Document listing all the activities we wanted to do this Summer. 

These are a few of my favorite Go To Fonts that I used to make our Bucket List.  

Don't forget - Dry Erase markers can be used on Glass too - that includes the glass front of a Picture Frame.  

Perfect to Check Off items as you complete them - especially when they come in these fun Summer Colors. 

First on our Summer Agents:  Make Fruit Popsicles....


What's on YOUR Summer Bucket List?

Thanks for reading along...


Nancy said...

Brilliant idea!!!!

Karina said...

Thanks Nancy. We love our simple summers.