Thursday, August 21, 2014

Project Thursday: Collaborative Art Piece

I love those cooking challenges where one chef starts the meal - and when a timer rings - another chef comes in and has to take over (without sharing ideas with the original chef).

My daughter and I created a Painting in that same Collaborative way. 

We gathered up a blank canvas and went through our stash of paints and embellishments.  
Together we chose paint colors, some tissue paper, bakers twine, sequins and letter stickers.

First it was MY turn.  

I had 10 minutes to do whatever I wanted to the canvas while Little K left the room. 

I started with a background of gold and yellow at the top of the canvas.

Then the timer went off!

Speed crafting is harder than you think.  10 minutes goes fast when you are looking for inspiration, but it was a perfect Push to get me to create something without getting caught up in trying to be Perfect. 

We  both added several layers to the yellow top so it eventually looked like a hot spiraling ball of sunshine.

I was planning on still working on the top, but when I came back after Little K had worked for 10 minutes (with me in the other room) - she had moved on to the bottom of the canvas.  

I was expecting the bottom to be Green - like grass.  Funny how something can be so clear in my mind, and yet someone else has an entirely different idea.  

There is a life lesson for Mother & Daughter in there somewhere I am sure.  

I couldn't resist.  When it was my turn - I added the Green I had originally envisioned.  

But Little K pulled out some newsprint tissue paper and added that (on top of my Green).

 I had no idea what she was planning.  But then I remembered we had included in our materials a bunch of letter stickers.  Were we BOTH thinking the same thing?  

I used the letters to create inspirational words on top of the tissue.  Little K painted over them (oops, probably should have done that step at the very beginning) and then peeled them away to reveal the tissue outline from beneath.  

When you are crafting against the clock - the workspace tends to get a little messy.  But I like the look of the butcher paper covering the counter almost as much as our canvas.  

Were we done?  
It's hard to decide when enough is enough.  Surely there was just one more thing we could add?

Using a tooth pick - we scraped through the layers of paint down the the plain white canvas - in a simple flower design.  We decided to do this step together as we were discussing whether the project was finished or not. 

(we also added some bakers twine and sequins along the way)

NOW we are done.

One final addition of our signatures (km2) and our Collaborative Art Piece is complete and hanging on the wall.  

Thanks for reading along...


Nance said...

Karina, this is gorgeous! Love the idea! You and your daughter did a fantastic job. Hugs! Nance

Dorlene Durham said...

I love this idea. And the final piece is gorgeous! Very nice

Margaret said...

Fabulous idea and project. It all came together beautifully

Margaret xx

Lori Turner said...

Wow, this is absolutely GORGEOUS!! You and your daughter have a great creative EYE together ;) WTG!

LORi said...

WOWZA Fabulous!! <3

Barbara said...

This is adorable, a piece you both will admire.