Thursday, March 19, 2015

Project Thursday: Torn Fabric Strip Garland

Banner?  Swag?  Bunting?  Pennant?  Streamer?  Garland?

What ever you choose to call them, I just LOVE how a Seasonal Garland can be the perfect finishing touch, or an easy way to spruce up your décor.

This one is super easy, and took less than 2 hours 
(including stopping to take photographs).

For the Garland Shown I used:
5 coordinating Fabrics (1/8 yard of each)
Sewing Machine

Use the scissors to make starting cuts in each length of fabric.  They don’t have to all be the same size – variety is nice.  Mine were about 1” or 1 1/5” strips

Once the starting cut is made – simply rip/tear the fabric into strips.
I kept each fabric in it’s own pile to use during the sewing of the Garland, but you could live dangerously and throw them all together “willy nilly”.

If the ragged torn edges bother you (that’s what I love the most), you could make clean cuts using a rotary cutter or scissors.

Next I moved my piles down to the sewing room (sorry for the poor lighting).  I scrunched each strip together in the middle and began sewing through them one at a time alternating fabrics.  

Sometime the fabric strips overlapped a bit.  Other times there was thread space between.  It doesn’t matter – just keep sewing.  Some of my strips ended up longer than other, and not quite sewn through the center.  It’s all good. 

When they were all sewn together (I made 2 separate smaller Garlands using all the fabric), I thought they looked a little flat.

 So I scrunched them all up in a ball and roughed them up a bit. 

 Voila – a perfectly fluffy garland with lots of dimension.

I might hang this over the Chalkboard in our Kitchen.

Or maybe swag it across the fireplace mantle.  

Where would you put this cute (and easy to make) garland?

Thanks for reading along...



Unknown said...

Very, very pretty - fun, bright colors are great for Easter decorations. :)

laurie said...

This is so it!